Climate change biggest challenge to human rights – UN official – Climate change biggest challenge to human rights: UN official | Climate change biggest challenge to human rights – United Nations official

Digital Desk, Geneva. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has called the climate change crisis the biggest human rights challenge of our era. In her opening statement for the 48th session of the Human Rights Council, which runs until October 8, Bachelet said on Monday that the interconnected hazards of pollution, climate change and biodiversity act as threats.

Xinhua news agency quoted him as saying, “As these environmental threats intensify, they will become the biggest challenge to human rights in our era.” In Madagascar, hundreds of thousands of people continue to face extreme hunger even after four years without rain, Bachelet said, prompting the World Food Program to warn of the world’s first climate change-induced famine.

Citing a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he said the humanitarian emergency in the Sahel countries is also driven by climate change, which is more severe and more rapid than anywhere else across Africa.

Another example cited by a UN official was Bangladesh, where a report has estimated that by 2050, 17 percent of the country will be submerged by rising sea levels, leaving 20 million people homeless. .

He stressed, addressing the world’s triple environmental crisis is a humanitarian imperative, a human rights imperative, a peace-building imperative and a development imperative.

According to the UN rights chief, environmental damage usually occurs mostly to those who are least protected. The poorest and most marginalized people, and the poorest nations, often have the least capacity to respond.

He cited a study by the World Meteorological Organization that, since 1970, more than two-thirds of deaths from weather and water-related disasters have occurred in the least developed countries.

Bachelet also told the audience that he noted with great interest China’s latest National Action Plan on Human Rights for 2021-2025, which was released earlier this month, covering climate change, the environment, digital privacy and The focus was on responsible business practice. “I look forward to exploring it for potential areas of engagement and collaboration,” he said.



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