Parshuram’s farsa has been kept for thousands of years, still no rust | Parashuram’s furrow has been kept for thousands of years, still no war

Digital Desk, New Delhi. There are many wonderful and unique places in the world including India. By now you must have heard about many amazing things. One such interesting place is Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. At this place the ax of Lord Parashuram is buried in the ground. Here the footprints of Parashurama are also mentioned. The most surprising thing is that even after thousands of years, the furrow kept here has not rusted.

While everyone knows that iron gets rusted when it gets water and it gets burnt after some time. But that ax of Lord Parashuram has remained the same even today. There is also a wonderful story associated with this place. Let’s know about this wonderful place…

The pillars of this temple swing in the air, you will also be shocked to see the pictures

I don’t think there is a war on the ax
It is said that Tanginath Dham area is Naxal affected in dense forest 150 km from Jharkhand Bangla. In the local language, Farsa is called Tangi, hence the name of this place is Tanginath Dham. This furrow has been buried here for thousands of years without any care, but till date it has not rusted. People say that no one knows how much the furrow is buried in the land.

story is popular
There is also a popular story about it. It is said that once upon a time blacksmiths came and started living in this area. When he needed iron during the work, he tried to cut this furrow of Parashurama. Despite many efforts, he could not cut the ax, but the result was very bad. Members of that family started dying. After that he left that area. Even today, blacksmiths do not live near Tanginath Dham.

Even today the fear of the incident
The fear of that incident is still fresh in his mind. There are remains of ancient temple and Shivling in Tanginath Dham. The architecture here matches with very old temples like Kedarnath Dham. It is said that once excavation was done here and many valuable things were found in it. Despite being located in a Naxal-affected area, Tanginath Dham is visited by devotees. This place, sanctified by the penance of Lord Shiva by Parashurama, is no less than a surprise because of the huge aisle.

Before raising a rat in this country, permission has to be taken from the government

Incident related to Parashuram
Talking about Parshuram ji, almost everyone knows, he is a great ascetic, he has attained amazing accomplishment and powers through austerity. He is also described in an incident that happened during the Ramayana period. When Lord Shri Ram broke Shiva’s bow in Sita’s swayamvara, Parashurama became very angry and came to the place of Swayamvara. But when Parashurama learns that Shri Ram himself is an incarnation of Vishnu, he regrets that he had humiliated Shri Ram and Parashurama walks away from the swayamvara to the jungle. In the jungle, they bury their ashes in the ground and do penance for Lord Shiva. Tanginath Dham is situated at the same place today. People believe that the ax of Parashuram ji is buried here even today.


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