Shami was still playing for the country even when daughter Ayra was in ICU | Shami was still playing for the country when daughter Ayra was in ICU – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, New Delhi. India suffered a 10-wicket defeat at the hands of Pakistan in their first match of the T20 World Cup 2021. This was Pakistan’s first win against India in World Cup history. But after this match something happened that Mohammed Shami would never have thought of. Some anti-social people present in the society, committing a shameful act, told the reason for this defeat to Shami and started trolling him on social media.

It was a matter of shame that the trollers linked his Sunday night performance with his religion. made derogatory remarks against him. His critics may have forgotten that Shami is one of the best fast bowlers in India at the moment and has done exceptionally well in the last five years.

Let us tell you that against the arch-rivals Pakistan, India performed poorly and the bowlers could not take a single wicket. During this, Shami proved to be the most expensive and he gave 43 runs in 3.5 overs. But those who hurled abuses against Shami for his poor performance in a match should not forget that Shami has always kept the nation supreme.

Daughter Ayra in hospital, father Shami on the ground

In 2016 (30 September to 3 October) India was playing a Test match against New Zealand at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. During this, Shami’s 14-month-old daughter Ayra was admitted to the hospital due to high fever. The condition got so bad that he was kept in ICU. Despite all this, Shami continued to play Test matches.

Shami is of a very shy nature, he did not even share this with captain Virat Kohli. Actually, Shami got the news of his daughter’s health after the end of the game on the second day of the match. Ask Shami about the passion of a player to play for the country and how being a father takes care of his daughter. After getting the news, Shami used to go to the hospital every day after the end of the game and stay with Ayra overnight and reach Eden to play the next day. He got the news of his daughter’s discharge after the match.

In the Kolkata Test, India not only defeated New Zealand by 178 runs, but also captured the series and regained the number-1 position in the Test rankings. Talking about Shami’s performance in that match, he played an important role in India’s victory and took a total of 6 (3+3) wickets in the match. After this, after the last Test of the series played in Indore, Captain Kohli told the media, ‘I did not know that his daughter was in the hospital. He told us after the match. ‘

Ready to fight Pakistani fan who commented against India

In the 2017 Champions Trophy final, India had to face defeat at the hands of Pakistan. After the match ended at the Oval in London, a video surfaced in which all the Indian players were returning to the dressing room, when a Pakistani fan was repeatedly asking Shami, ‘Who is the father..?’ No other player said anything, but Shami, who was climbing the stairs, stopped and turned to teach a lesson to that fan, but Mahendra Singh Dhoni stopped Shami and pacified him.


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